Lakeland, Tennessee is an Excellent Residential Town

Lakeland, Tennessee is a Perfect Place to Live In

Lakeland is a city in Shelby County, Tennessee, and a suburb of Memphis.  The town was the location of the now-defunct Lakeland Amusement Park. It had two railroads within the park property and is an excellent suburb of Memphis. Close to Wolfchase shopping, but away from the busy Memphis. It is a quiet community with several great subdivisions and peaceful farmland. Find more information here.

Excellent Schools

If schools are what you check on before settling in any new area, Lakeland will be a top choice for you. The elementary school is rated #1 in the state of TN. Brand new Middle school that is quickly becoming a top-rated school, too. High school students currently attend Arlington HS. Lakeland has plans to build a high school adjacent to our middle school. See here for information about Benjestown, Tennessee is a Family-Centric Community.

A Safe Neighborhood

One fantastic thing about Lakeland is its safety. The police and fire department are speedy; neighborhood watches are in full force, even if you live there, so again, get to know your neighbors. Otherwise, you will get to know the Sheriffs, and you do not venture out this way for nightlife, as it is nonexistent.